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for the serious dancer or just for fun!

Pre-professional Dance Company

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Thank you for your interest in Andrea's School of Dance, located at 426 Main Street, Bellwood, PA 16617.


Whether your child is Broadway Bound, or just wants to dance for the fun of it, our unique teaching approach is perfect for students of all levels.


Our Mission Statement:

Our award-winning dance educators are committed to providing all dancers, regardless of ability, the opportunity to excel in the art of dance through our competitive and non-competitive programs. Our professional instruction allows students to reach their potential as well-mannered, dancers with confidence, self-esteem and integrity while accomplishing their artistic dreams.


Andrea's School of Dance offers:

  • Emphasis on proper terminology, technique and professionalism

  • The opportunity to study under internationally renowned instructors

  • An award-winning competitive dance company and choreographers

  • Instruction for serious dancers hoping to pursue a professional dance career

  • A fun, compassionate environment for students who simply enjoy the art of dance

  • No registration fee. No recital fees. No hidden fees ever!

Andrea's School of Dance is located on Main Street in Bellwood, between Altoona and Tyrone.


Students travel to Andrea's School of Dance from Altoona, Tyrone, Hollidaysburg, and Blandburg. The studio is easily accessible from the north or south via Interstate 99.

We have off street parking and our building is handicap accessible.


The studio is conveniently located near grocery and retail stores, along with a few small restaurants. There is a playground just across a walk bridge and the local library is only one block away. There is plenty to do in our small town to occupy your "waiting" time.


Classes coincide with the school year, September through May. The year ends with an annual recital held in May/June. Lessons are generally held Monday through Friday, between the hours of 4:00pm and 9:00pm. Beginner Ballet and Tap students meet on Saturday mornings. (Ages 4-7)


Why we are an award-winning studio:


  • Quality Instruction
  • Structured classes
  • Family oriented music
  • Age appropriate choreography and costumes
  • Reasonable Rates with Sibling Discounts
  • Handicap accessible Entrance and Waiting Area
  • Award-winning competitive team
  • Small town feel with professionalism
  • Community involvement
  • Intensives featuring guest instructors, at reasonable rates
  • Opportunitites to study with renowned instructors throughout the year
  • Summer Dance Series
  • Children of all abilities are welcomed and encouraged


A note about music- At Andrea's School of Dance all music used is reviewed by the instructors and deemed "family friendly". Music is screened for inappropriate words along with the message in the lyrics. Your child most likely will not be dancing to the most popular song on the radio. At times the instructor will be using a personally edited version of the song for this exact reason.

The Dance Year - Throughout the year, the school is generally closed for major holidays. In December tuition is half price. The studio will be open for the first two weeks of December only, to allow students to enjoy the holiday season. The studio remains closed for winter vacation until after the first of the year.


Fundraisers - An optional fundraiser is held in November each year to help defray the cost of costumes and tights for the annual recital. Costume prices generally range between $55 and $70. Most students need one costume per genre of dance studied. Younger dancers who study ballet and tap only, generally need just one costume.


Three Week Summer Dance Series - This series consists of three weeks of classes with study in the various styles of dance for students ages 9 and older. Classes will include Ballet, Tap, Hip-Hop, Jazz, Contemporary, Musical Theatre, Flexibility, Turns/Jumps and basic technique. For more information or to enroll in classes please contact


Summer Study - Many students and former students of Andrea's School of Dance have attended prestigious summer programs throughout their years of study. The summer intensive programs that Andrea's School of


Dance students and Alumni have attended include:

Summer Dance International at Point Park University

The Rock School in Philadelphia

Central Pennsylvania Youth Ballet

Pittsburgh Ballet Theatre

Forest Dancing with VanDyke and Dance Company

Radio City Rockette Experience at Point Park University

Arts Conservatory

Pacific Northwest Ballet

MainStreet Dance Company

In 2005 the competition team was formed into a dance company and is now referred to as the MainStreet Dance Company. This pre-professional dance company offers a wonderful opportunity for students dedicated to the art of dance. The company travels to regional,
out-of-state and National competitions, and has been awarded many high honors and special awards. Acceptance to this company is an honor. Membership is based on the student’s commitment and individual performance.
To become a member of this company, students must first undergo several years of dance training in various dance genres, including ballet. Each May, students 9 years of age or older may register for our summer dance class series to audition for the MainStreet Dance Company.
Students are required to attend at least 2 out of 3 weeks of our summer dance camp series as well as fill out a registration form and questionnaire to be considered for the audition process.
The following is a general list of abilitites that a MainStreet Dance Company member displays regularly:


  • continued improvement in technique, strength, body alignment, and performances.
  • a continued commitment to improving their technique, strength, body alignment, and performances.
  • excellent attendance in all of their dance classes, MSDC members must not have excess absences in any classes.
  • adheres to the dress code. and arrives to all classes on time, focused, and ready to work.
  • has a positive attitude toward their classmates and all instructors.
  • meets the flexibility requirement of being able to do all three splits, or shows increased improvement over the period of a dance year.
The student must be able to represent the studio and company with good sportsmanship and personal conduct at all competitions and events.
The student must be able to maintain the required GPA of 88% or above while attending extra classes, rehearsals, and competitions throughout the year.
Please speak with an instructor if you are interested in auditioning for the MainStreet Dance Company next season.
Dare to Dance!


Sharing the gift of dance with others through our "Pass it On" and "Jesus Hugs" Funds.


Andrea's School of Dance believes any child who has the desire to study dance should have that opportunity.Through our "Pass it On" and "Jesus Hugs" funds we hope to pass on the gift of dance.


Our "Pass it On" fund was established by members of our MainStreet Dance Company with winnings the students earned at various dance competitions. Their goal was to "pass" on their love of dance to another dancer who may not be able to afford to study dance without financial assistance. The fund is used to assist new students in paying tuition as well as current students who may have had a disruption in their lives and may not be able to continue to participate in dance without financial assistance.  Please speak with Andrea for sponsorship.


The "Jesus Hugs" fund was created through the generous gift of an anonymous donor.  This fund has been created to aide those students who find themselves in need of financial assistance to continue with their study of the art of dance.  To qualify, the student must maintain a GPA of 88% for the entire time they are the recipient of the fund, be an active participating member of their faith community, and if 12 years old or older, complete 4 hours of community service while being a recipient of the fund. The students will be required to complete an application form to be considered for approval.  The form will ask which class they would like to be sponsored for, why they are in need, and they will be required to complete an essay explaining “What the Jesus Fund Sponsorship will do for me.”


The Artistic Director and instructors believe that it is important for kids to have a positive outlet in their lives. Whether they are playing sports, acting in a theatre production, or participating in dance classes, each activity gives kids the opportunity to express themselves in a positive way. It provides a positive  focus and goal to work towards. With all the stress in children's lives today, each and every child deserves the opportunity to participate in some kind of activity. They gain experience in teamwork, responsibility, and commitment through this type of participation.


To make these programs even more successful and offer dance to as many children as we possibly can, we need the help of others in the community. If you are interested in donating to our "Pass it On" or "Jesus Hugs" fund or would like more information, please use our contact page or email Andrea directly at




Forget your troubles and DANCE!



The world of dance is a world of beauty and grace, discipline and, most of all, fun. Dance will give your child confidence, self-esteem, coordination, self-discipline, and many happy memories.


Andrea's School of Dance is a place where you can go far if that is your desire. If you want to dance, but not give up other activities in your life, Andrea's studio is also the place for you.


As a student at Andrea's School of Dance you will be encouraged and trained to do your best and try your hardest, all in a supportive and caring atmosphere.


As the Artistic Director and owner, Andrea McGraw is careful to ensure that music, costumes and choreography are age appropriate. Our year end show is always an evening of family entertainment.


Our expectations for you and your dancer:


Good manners and proper etiquette are always expected in the studio or at any function where the student is representing the studio.


We expect students to have excellent attendance in all classes. It is important that students stay in the classroom for the entire duration of the class.


Students are expected to arrive on time and dressed in the appropriate attire, including shoes. Girls should arrive with their hair pulled back neatly into a secure bun with the bangs pinned back.


Bring your best self and positive attitude to each and every class. Be polite and respectful to your instructors and classmates.


Students are taught proper classical ballet technique, movement and lines in a disciplined, supportive environment. Emphasis is on body lines, proper alignment during execution of movements, performance-quality, projection, rhythm and knowledge of classical ballet terms. As the student advances, class emphasis turns to refining technique, speed of skills, extensions and integrating powerful movements with grace and elegance. Ballet is the center of dance technique. All students are strongly encouraged to participate in ballet class.



A blended style of jazz is used to instill excellent jazz technique along with basic steps.  Isolations, turns, progressions, and flexibility as well as proper strength and endurance are all emphasized in this class.. Students are encouraged to always work to the best of their ability and never give up.Ballet classes are suggested to go along with this class to improve technique at a more rapid pace.


This class focuses on the different Modern techniques.  It based on core strength, specific movements that create exact shapes.. Students studying Modern dance learn the basic steps and techniques, while being encouraged to let their minds create movement. Improvisation is used to encourage creativity and fun in the classroom. This class is a wonderful complement to Ballet class as it helps to strengthen the core (the powerhouse of all forms of dance) and helps to balance the body with its use of parallel positions, contractions and flexed feet.

Students enrolled in this class must have a minimum of 2 years ballet instruction and must be enrolled in and attending a ballet class.


Schedules are tailored to fit the number of students enrolled in the different styles of dance.  For this reason, we do not publish our weekly class schedule.


Students are schooled in basic warm-up steps designed to create excellent tap skills.  Classes consist of an Introductiion to basic steps, along with an emphasis on traveling steps, timing, sound quality and proper rhythms. As the students progress in their tap ability the shading of tap sounds, dynamics and knowledge of more complex steps performed in specific rhythms, becomes the focus.



This class incorporates a relaxed form of ballet that uses movement and expression to portray the story of the lyrics to the audience.There is more freedom of movement, while still employing the ballet technique and skills that the students have achieved through their study of ballet. 

Students enrolled in this class must have a minimum of 2 years ballet instruction and must be enrolled in and attending a ballet class.



A fast paced, sharp moving, free-flowing form of dance as seen on music videos, youtube and commercial dance. Students use sharp isolations along with smooth wave type motions to create interesting choreography to a distinct beat. Music used for this class is instrumental or edited for content.

Students enrolled in Hip-Hop must also be enrolled in and attending a jazz class.

Dance big. Dream big.




Class requirements - Lyrical and Modern classes require a minimum of two years of study in ballet along with current enrollment and attendance in a ballet class.


Hip-Hop students must be 10 on or before 12/31/2021. Students enrolled in Hop-Hop classes are required to be enrolled in and attending a jazz class.


Pointe classes require students to achieve proper strength, body alignment and ballet technique to be invited to participate in Pointe classes. In general, pointe classes are for those dancers that study ballet multiple times per week.


Maximum monthly tuition per month is $160 for students enrolled in all classes.


Please note: There is a discount of $5 per month, per child, for the enrollment of siblings.


Receive a 10% discount when you pay tuition for the entire year. To be eligible to receive the discount, payment in full must be received no later than September 30th.


Discounts do not apply to costume, tights or competition fees. The discount applies to your monthly tuition only.


All tuition in non-refundable.







Dance like no one is watching.

Tuition: The monthly tuition is due the FIRST of each month. Be sure to include the student's name on your check or envelope. Tuition fees remain the same, regardless of the number of weeks in the month. Please note: There are no refunds given for classes missed because of illness, vacation or school sponsored activities/events.


There is a minimum automatic $10.00 late fee charged for tuition that is not received during the month that it is due. All tuition must be paid no later than the 30th of the month. A $30.00 fee will be applied to all returned checks.


Andrea's School of Dance retains the right to restrict attendance for non-payment and continue the class suspension(s) until all accounts due have been paid in full. Students with accounts 60 days past due will be suspended from class until the past due balance has been paid in full. MainStreet Dance Company students who are suspended from mandatory classes for non-payment reasons may also lose their company standing for lack of attendance.


Student accounts must be paid in full before a student is eligible to participate in the recital.  Fall registration will not be accepted from current students with accounts in arrears.


Please Note: Tuition is non-refundable.

Missed Classes: If a student misses their regularly scheduled class, he or she is permitted to attend another class at the same level, when available, or at a lower level. At no time is a student permitted to attend a class that is above their current level. Please check with your instructor for class times. Please keep in mind that consistent class participation is necessary for proper development of technique, strength and flexibility.


Andrea's School of Dance is not responsible for any lost or stolen items and shall not be liable in any way for injuries sustained during attendance at the school of any of its related functions.

 Dress Code for Class
Students should be dressed as follows for class:
PLAIN Black Leotard* (no designs or colors)
Pink tights for Ballet. Tan tights for Jazz, Lyrical, Modern and Hip-Hop
Please Note: Skirts of any kind are not acceptable in ballet classes.  No pants or loose fitting
shorts in any classes. Only body-hugging dance shorts are permitted.
PLAIN white t-shirt and PLAIN black pants/shorts
Appropriate shoes for class
If your hair falls below the bottom of your ears it must be pulled into a secure bun with all bangs neatly pinned back Jazz students are required to wear a bun with the bangs pinned neatly back, also. 
If you must “fuss” with your hair during class, it was not done properly.
If your hair falls below the bottom of your ears it must be pulled back neatly into a pony tail. It should not obstruct your vision or distract you in class.
Sharing Our Love for Dance!

Andrea McGraw, Owner and Artistic Director, has studied dance since the age of three. She was the recipient of a Modern Excellence award at the age of nine. She studied the graded Cechetti Method of ballet as well as being a member of a highly successful competition team. Andrea has dedicated her life to the art of dance. She has more than thirty-five years of experience as a professional instructor and choreographer. Included in her choreography credits are multiple prestigious Choreography Excellence awards, Most Entertaining Choreography Awards, coveted Odyssey awards and multiple Odyssey Award nominations. Andrea has studied with the internationally acclaimed Finis Jhung at the Broadway Dance Center in New York City, and also under world-renowned dance artist, Marcia Dale Weary of the Central Pennsylvania Youth Ballet. Andrea's School of Dance alumni are consitently prepared to dance at the college level and ultimately as a profressional if they so desire.  Andrea continues her dedication to creating original choreography and producing dancers with excellent technique and performance quality.


Samantha Simmons, Choreographer/Instructor, has studied dance for nineteen years. Her studies include Ballet, Pointe, Tap, Lyrical, Modern, Jazz and Hip-Hop. During six of those years she was a member of MainStreet Dance Company here at Andrea’s School of Dance where she performed as a soloist and gained teaching experience as an assistant teacher. Samantha has many years of experience working with children of all ages. She grew up as a member of the 4-H children’s club of which she is now a leader. She is a bible school teacher at her church and has experience tutoring children at her local school district. Since graduating from high school Samantha furthered her education at Clarion University and graduated Cum Laude with a BFA in Graphic Design.



Logan Reihart, Instructor, studied dance for 16 years. She trained at Andrea's School of Dance for 6 years studying Ballet, Pointe, Tap, Jazz, Lyrical, Modern, and Musical Theater. During that time, she competed as a member of the MainStreet Dance Company and performed in duos and as a soloist. She has taken classes with faculty from Flow 40, Valery Lantratov, DIAVOLO Dance Company, and Colin Heininger as well as attending various workshops and conventions. Logan holds a Bachelor of Science in Kinesiology from Penn State University along with a minor in dance. At Penn State, she studied Ballet, Modern, Contemporary, Bartenieff Fundamentals, and Dance History with Elisha Clark Halpin, Donna Dunmire, A. Kikora Franklin, and Megan Moore. During her instruction at Andrea's School of Dance she has choreographed for the MainStreet Dance Company, taught classes and summer camps, and acted as a teaching assistant to Jocelyn Hrzic, the Director of Dance at Grier School. Logan returned to Andrea's studio to pass on her knowledge of performance anatomy and continue sharing her passion of dance with the next generation.


Erin Maceno, Choreographer/Instructor, has been studying dance for more than 18 years and has been sharing her passion for dance as an instructor for two years. Erin is an alumnus of Andrea's School of Dance and the MainStreet Dance Company. Upon graduating high school, Erin continued her education at the Pennsylvania State University, where she studied Agribusiness management. She has studied with instructors from Flow 40, Motion Dance Convention, as well as an extensive list of other camps and conventions. Erin returned as an instructor so that she could share her love for the art of dance and continue the tradition of Andrea's School of Dance.


Substitute Faculty


At times our instructors will need to take a day away from the studio whether it be for a sick day, vacation or education/teaching opportunity. Andrea’s School of Dance asks that you treat them with the same respect that you give to your regular instructor. It might be slightly different from what you are used to, but embrace it and grow as a dancer.


Guest Faculty

Periodically Guest Faculty will be brought in to teach Master Classes in their area of expertise. In general, Please help us continue to be able to offer these wonderful opportunities to our dancers by attending these classes as often as possible!





September 6th - Classes Begin


September 15th - Last day to pay Annual Discounted Tuition Amount - Save 10%


October 27th - Trick or Treat - No Classes


November 24-28th - Thanksgiving Break - No Classes


December 15th - January 4th - Winter Break - No Classes


April 7th-10th - Spring Break - No Classes


Recital Date - To be determined


Summer Dance Series:


Week 1 - June 12th-16th


Week 2 - June 19-23rd


Week 3 - July 10th-14th (includes EPIC Dance)


Week 4 - Ages 5-8 - July 17th-19th





426 Main Street

Bellwood, PA 16617