"Mainstreet Dance Company opened with their work Wolfpack. Eight youngsters, clad in tiny suits, took the space with captivating force as they leaped and turned. Their passion and joy made the audience smile, but it was their technique, far beyond their youthful years, that made this piece an utter delight.


--- The Philadelphia Dance Journal


In 2005 the competition team was formed into a dance company and is now referred to as the MainStreet Dance Company. This pre-professional dance company offers a wonderful opportunity for students dedicated to the art of dance. The company travels to regional, out-of-state, and National competitions, and has been awarded many high honors and special awards. Acceptance to this company is an honor. Membership is based on the student’s commitment and individual performance.

To become a member of this company, students must first undergo several years of dance training in various dance genres, including ballet. Each May, students 9 years of age or older may register for our summer dance class series to audition for the MainStreet Dance Company.

Students are required to attend at least 2 out of 3 weeks of our summer dance camp series as well as fill out a registration form and questionnaire to be considered for the audition process.
All MSDC members must be able to represent the studio and company with good sportsmanship and personal conduct at all competitions and events.
All MSDC members are required to maintain the required GPA of 88% or above while attending extra classes, rehearsals, and competitions throughout the year.
Please speak with an instructor if you are interested in auditioning for the MainStreet Dance Company next season.

notable awards

Each year our students and dances have recieved high scores, first place awards, scholarships, and special awards. Here are just a few of the many accolades that the studio itself recieved in recent years.


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ADCC Studio Excellence Award - 2023 Headliners

Studio Technique Award - 2023 On Stage America

5 Star Elite First Place Award and First Place Overall - 2022 Imagine

Technique Excellence Award - 2022 Imagine

Highest Scoring Group (ages 12 and up) - 2022 Imagine

Studio Spirit Award - 2019

Highest Score of the Competition - 2017