class descriptions

Creative Movement

Our Creative Movement class is designed to introduce children to the idea of expressing themselves through movement.  These classes are set-up to work with young children's natural enthusiasm, short attention span, and high energy levels to explore the basic concepts of dance and creatiity. Creative Movement is a 30 minute non-recital class which includes ballet basics, character dance,  musicality, and "follow-along" songs.  This class focuses on taking turns, patience, and other skills needed for the exploration of the art of dance.



Class emphasis is on proper classical ballet technique, movement, and lines in a disciplined, supportive environment. Students learn proper alignment during execution of movements, performance-quality, projection, rhythm, and knowledge of classical ballet terms. As the student advances, class emphasis turns to refining technique, speed of skills, extensions and integrating powerful movements with grace and elegance. Ballet is the center of dance technique. All students are strongly encouraged to participate in ballet class. Pointe classes require students to acheive proper strength, body alignment, and ballet technique. An instructor will let you know if you are ready. In general, pointe classes are for those dancers that study ballet multiple times per week.



A blended style of jazz is used to instill excellent jazz technique along with basic steps.  Isolations, turns, progressions, and flexibility as well as proper strength and endurance are all emphasized in this class. Students are encouraged to always work to the best of their ability and never give up. Ballet classes are suggested to go along with this class to improve technique at a more rapid pace.



This class focuses on basic modern technique, core strength, and specific movements that create exact shapes. Students studying Modern dance learn technique, while being encouraged to open their minds to create movement. Improvisation is used to encourage creativity and fun. This class is a wonderful complement to Ballet class as it helps to strengthen the core (the powerhouse of all forms of dance) and helps to balance the body with its use of parallel positions, contractions, and flexed feet.Students enrolled in this class must have a minimum of 2 years ballet instruction and must be enrolled in and attending a ballet class.



Students learn basic warm-up steps designed to create excellent tap skills.  Classes consist of an Introduction to basic steps, along with an emphasis on traveling steps, timing, sound quality and proper rhythms. As a student progresses in their tap ability, the shading of tap sounds, dynamics and knowledge of more complex steps performed in specific rhythms, becomes the focus.



This class incorporates a relaxed form of ballet that uses movement and expression to portray a story to the audience. There is freedom of movement, while still employing ballet technique. Students enrolled in this class must have a minimum of 2 years ballet instruction and be enrolled in and attending a ballet class.



A fast paced, sharp moving, free-flowing form of dance as seen on music videos and in commercial dance. Detailed musicality, sharp isolations, and smooth wave-like motions are combined to create interesting choreography to a distinct beat. Students enrolled in this class must be 10 by 12/31/23 and be enrolled in and attending a jazz class.

"My daughter danced at Andrea's for 14 years. It was the best decision to choose her studio. She offers top notch instruction, using proper terminology, and is patient and caring. My daughter loved dancing so much she's gone on to study dance in college."

--- Lori