Dress code




~ PLAIN Black Leotard* (no designs or colors)
~ Pink tights for Ballet

~ Tan tights for Jazz, Lyrical, Modern and Hip-Hop

~ Appropriate shoes for class


Please Note: Skirts of any kind are not acceptable in ballet classes.  


No pants or loose fitting shorts in any classes. Only body-hugging dance shorts are permitted.




Hair that falls below the bottom of one's ears must be pulled into a secure bun with all bangs neatly pinned back.


Jazz students are also required to wear a bun with the bangs pinned neatly back. 


Please ensure hair is done properly so there are no adjustments necessary to it during class!





~ PLAIN white t-shirt and PLAIN black pants/shorts
~ Appropriate shoes for class




Hair that falls below the bottom of one's ears must be pulled
back neatly into a pony tail.


Hair should not obstruct one's vision or be distracting to oneself in class.