mission and values

our mission


Our award-winning dance educators are committed to providing all dancers, regardless of ability, the opportunity to excel in the art of dance through our competitive and non-competitive programs. Our professional instruction allows students to reach their potential as well-mannered, dancers with confidence, self-esteem and integrity while accomplishing their artistic dreams.


other values


At Andrea's School of Dance, we believe in the importance of keeping all music and costumes family friendly. Therefore, all music is screened for inappropriate words or messages in the lyrics. At times, the instructor will be using a personally edited version of a popular song to guarantee the music is suitable in this way for all dancers in the room. All performance costumes are also ensured to be age appropriate.


"From year 1 to year 14, I wouldn't have wanted my daughter to dance or grow up anywhere else. The technique learned and knowledge given to each dancer, along with the positive values instilled by Andrea and all of her instructors, is priceless. Dancing at Andrea's and being a member of the MainStreet Dance Company gave my daughter so many wonderful opportunities which ultimately led her to a decision to continue her dance career in college. We are forever grateful!"

--- Deanna