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MSDC GPA Eligibility Form

Please download and complete the MSDC GPA Eligibility Form, and forward to us at Andrea's School of Dance.

"Pass it On" Fund:

Andrea's School of Dance believes any child who has the desire to study dance should have that opportunity no matter their parent's financial situation. Through our "Pass it On" fund we hope to pass on the gift of dance to anyone who has the desire to learn.

Our "Pass it On" fund was first established by members of our MainStreet Dance Company with winnings the students earned at various dance competitions. Their goal was to "pass" on their love of dance to another child who may not be able to afford to study dance without financial assistance. The fund is used to assist new students in paying tuition as well as current students who may have had a disruption in their lives and may not be able to continue to participate in dance without financial assistance.

All instructors here at Andrea's feel that it is important for kids to have an outlet in their lives. Whether they are playing sports, acting in a theatre production, or taking dance classes, each activity gives kids the opportunity to express themselves in a positive way. It gives them something positive to focus on and gives them a goal to work towards. With all the stress in children's lives today, each and every child deserves the opportunity to participate in some kind of activity. They gain experience in teamwork, responsibility, and commitment by doing so.

To make this program even more successful and offer dance to as many children as we possibly can, we need the help of others in the community. If you are interested in donating to our "Pass it On" fund or would like more information, please contact Andrea McGraw at (814)742-8211 or email:

Work Study Program

Andrea's School of Dance has implemented a work study program for MainStreet Dance Company members/apprentices who are serious about their dance career. Students will receive a discount towards tuition and on items purchased in the dancewear store. Interested members who qualify will work scheduled hours in the dancewear store located in the studio. This is a wonderful opportunity to any company member who wishes to gain valuable work experience to use on resumes and college applications.

Eligible students will work scheduled hours in the dancewear store. In order to accommodate students who participate in other activities, participants can choose to sign up to work the fall semester only, spring semester only, or both semesters. The fall semester runs from the month of August - December and the spring semester runs from January - June. Students will only qualify for the tuition and dancewear discount during the semester they are working.

To be eligible to participate in the work study program students must be 14 years of age and a member of the Mainstreet Dance Company. Students must adhere to all the MainStreet Dance Company member policies defined in the company handbook, cannot be on probation for any reason, and have excellent attendance during your regular scheduled classes.

The goal of the program is to encourage students to be responsible and to find satisfaction in working toward a desired goal. Instead of having something given to them, each student is working for something they want and therefore able to appreciate the reward.

If you are interested in participating in the work study program, would like more information, or would like to make a donation to the program, please contact Mrs. Hoffman at

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